Sabino Canyon Dates    Visitor Ctr. Meet Time    Start Time    Volunteers 

(Saturdays at the first picnic area just past the dam in Lower Sabino Canyon)


What to bring?  Water, snacks, hat, sunscreen.  It’s best to dress in layers as it is usually cool to start and then very hot towards the end.

The entrance to Sabino Canyon is just north of Sunrise Dr. on Sabino Canyon Rd. Remember you’ll need a Forest Service pass ($5 daily or $20 annual) to park at the Visitor Center.

Contact Elissa Fazio at for latest info on volunteer opportunities, information and instructions. Even if the session shows no volunteers needed, you’re always welcome to observe and possibly train on the different jobs.

Sabino Canyon Feeder Change Schedule

if you are available on any of the “open” dates, contact Elissa @